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BNI Sydney North West & Penrith,
Unit 24, 7 Carrington Rd, Castle Hill, NSW, 2154

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BNI Sydney North West & Penrith Regional Team

Rebecca Raad
Executive Director

Since becoming Executive Director in 2018, Rebecca has grow the region to one of the top performing regions in Australia and is in the BNI worldwide top 20.

David Donnelly
Area Director

I have been in BNI since 2014 as a residential mortgage broker, and I have never looked back.
As Area Director, I am able to work with chapters to help guide them to succeed by supporting them to build many valuable business connections to help each member achieve the most out of BNI.

Pauline Spackman
Area Director

I joined BNI in July 2016, because I really needed to get referrals but stayed because of the relationships. I was lucky enough to be asked to be an Area Director and I love this role, because I get to really put into use the physiology of BNI – Givers Gain

Aaron Whybrow
Area Director

I joined BNI in 2017, as Area Director. It is a privilege to embody the givers gain philosophy helping chapters and businesses build and maintain, know like and trust relationships with other like-minded business professionals.

Jade Moore
Member Support

I have been with BNI Sydney North West & Penrith since early 2020. I love my Member Support Role and the people I work with. The best thing about my role is helping our members get the most out of their BNI memberships year after year.

John Drury
Business mentor and advisor

I have been with BNI since 2018 as a business mentor and advisor. In my role as Area Director, I love helping members and whole Chapters discover how the BNI system works so well to grow their business.

Cynthia Parry
Regional Training Co-Ordinator

I have been with BNI since 2018 and am the Regional Training Co-ordinator.
I guide members through their BNI training journey which helps them to maximise their membership and develop their networking skills.